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Hi, I am a.k , i am working in vblue.in as a service partner for AC,WASHING MACHINE,FRIDGE,TEMP REGISTRATION in INDORE. We have more than 5 staff in our team who are able to provide fully satisfactory service to our client. Vblue.in give a chance to improve myself.and now i am become expert in my field.

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We bought this cooler in 2018. we used it for entire summer. It provide cooling. the room remains cool even after using this. Now again taken out in 2019. it excellent working and nice cooler ever seen. Good for us. thank you air cooler service's.


So I am suggesting you to go with this product because it feels good when we spent our money in the wrong place. but that is right place. Thank you for air cooler service's.


I'am satisfied with this cooler as it did gave me the satisfaction I needed. This cooler is worth its price and I would recommend you to buy this product. These service providers will solve the problem according to your needs. thanks for air cooler service.


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